The nVent RAYCHEM brand is synonymous with self-regulating electric heat trace cables and components for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

In 1973, RAYCHEM developed the first self-regulating electric heat trace cable. Self-regulating heating cables were a revolution then and remain unique today because they automatically adjust their power output to compensate for pipe temperature changes. They are also cut-to-length and can be terminated or extended on the job site, making them easy to design with, install and maintain.

Born from a culture of quality and innovation, RAYCHEM heating cables became and remain the industry standard in electric heat tracing. With heating cables and components engineered for a wide variety of applications and environments, RAYCHEM products continue to be recognized as the finest in the world. Perhaps the fact that nVent Thermal Management manufactured their one billionth foot of RAYCHEM self-regulating cable in 2008 best exemplifies the quality and benefits of RAYCHEM as perceived by the marketplace.

Founded in 1983, nVent TRACER Industries existed for the sole purpose of designing, supplying, constructing and maintaining high quality electric heat tracing systems in North America. Today, TRACER is a global solutions expert in electric and steam heat tracing with the ability to provide engineering design services, procurement and fabrication, site services and post installation services anywhere in the world.

Acquired by nVent Thermal Management in 2001, the TRACER brand is a unique provider of optimized heat tracing systems and solutions.  Being an expert in the field means that TRACER will work to understand the specific needs of your project and your business and will design an optimized heat management system focusing on the value-added capabilities of the highest quality heat tracing product manufacturers and is the pre-eminent service organization in existence today, providing safe, reliable, and cost effective heat tracing installations.

Most importantly, nVent Thermal Management’ TRACER services group considers safety to be their number one core value, as demonstrated by an impeccable safety record.  All systems are designed to operate safely and all installations are constructed using proven safety methods, equipment, and procedures.

Established in 1949, nVent PYROTENAX quickly became a global leader in the manufacturing of mineral insulated (MI) cables & accessories for a wide variety of industrial and commercial heat tracing, fire & performance wiring and temperature measurement applications.

Today, PYROTENAX remains an integral part of nVent Thermal Management’ suite of brands. PYROTENAX products provide the ideal solutions for many difficult and demanding installations. Suitable for use in hazardous, fire-radioactive and/or high temperature environments, their electric heating cables and wiring systems are available for a wide variety of industrial, commercial and residential applications including: process temperature maintenance; pipe freeze protection; snow melting and deicing; critical life-safety circuits; and temperature sensing.

For more than 25 years, nVent TRACETEK Liquid Leak Detection Systems have been used to detect water leaks in computer facilities by monitoring concealed piping and valves beneath raised computer room floors.  A truly innovative system, the TRACETEK sensor cable is able to locate a spill quickly and alert appropriate parties to help avoid or mitigate damage that can be caused by unreported leaks.

The history of development for the TRACETEK Liquid Leak Detection System dates back to the mid 1980’s in California. It was created in nVent RAYCHEM Corporation’s central R&D facility as an outgrowth of work related to distributed anode systems for the cathodic protection of pipelines.

More recently, as the global business community has become more focused on environmental concerns, other markets for nVent Thermal Management’ TRACETEK leak detection system heave emerged and continue to grow at steady pace. TRACETEK liquid leak detection systems can be employed to monitor hydrocarbon fuel leaks in tank farms, pipelines and hydrant systems; aqueous chemical spill detection in semiconductor fabs and pharmaceutical plants, and strong acid leak detection in fertilizer manufacturing, mineral  processing  and oil refining applications. TRACETEK systems not only can provide early detection but can also monitor a pipeline with accuracy of +/- 1 meter.

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