Fire Rated Wiring

Fire-Rated-Industrial.jpg Industrial facilities often contain volatile hydrocarbons or other hazardous materials that can cause an extreme industrial fire emergency such as a hydrocarbon fire.

When exposed to the destructive forces of an industrial fire, electrical wiring is in jeopardy of failure. To ensure electrical power is available for critical circuit survival, a fire-rated cable & specialty wiring system is necessary.

Fire-Rated Cable and Specialty Wiring Systems

nVent Thermal Management offers fire-rated wiring systems to ensure that electrical power or signals are available for critical circuit survival. nVent PYROTENAX fire-rated cables allow operation of critical circuits for an extended period of time as compared to conventional cables when exposed to extreme fire environments.

The PYROTENAX brand also has other specialty wiring applications for equipment in continuous high-heat environments, such as an industrial fire, as well as in classified area applications where it is critical to prevent the flow of hazardous gases through the wiring system.

Fire-Rated Cable

It is critical that key pieces of equipment continue to operate during an industrial fire emergency such as a hydrocarbon fire. nVent PYROTENAX fire-rated cables have industry leading fire survival times and are the best choice for ensuring control during an industrial emergency.

Unique Applications

The highly compacted magnesium oxide construction of the PYROTENAX fire-rated cable makes it an excellent choice for high heat and gas path block applications.

Ease of Installation

PYROTENAX fire-rated cable lengths are factory terminated and ready to install in the field.

Mineral Insulated (MI) Technology

Using only inorganic materials, nVent PYROTENAX mineral insulated (MI) fire-rated cable offers a unique combination of dependability, versatility, and performance. Highly compacted magnesium oxide insulation provides exceptional temperature and electrical performance. PYROTENAX mineral insulated cables:


  • Are manufactured from Alloy 825 metal, magnesium oxide and wither solid nickel or nickel clad copper conductors; the seamless Alloy 825 tube ultimately becomes the cable’s sheath
  • Are factory terminated
  • Are available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 10 conductor configurations in a range of sizes between 16 and 2 AWG.
  • Offer unique fire survival properties and are able to survive in continuous high heat environments
  • Can prevent the flow of hazardous gases through the electrical system because of its highly compacted magnesium oxide insulation layer.

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