Pipe Freeze Protection

In cold locations, thermal insulation alone cannot keep water pipes from freezing. A pipe freeze protection system can prevent freezing of fluids in pipes such as general water piping and fire sprinkler piping.

Pipe Freeze Protection Heat Trace System

Pipe-Freeze-Protection-Commercial.jpgnVent Thermal Management uses electric heat trace cables to keep non-flowing water in pipes, pumps and associated equipment from freezing.  The electric heat trace cables are engineered to replace the heat lost through the thermal insulation.

nVent Thermal Management offers two heat trace cable systems for commercial pipe freeze protection—nVent RAYCHEM XL-Trace for sophisticated applications and RAYCHEM WinterGard for less critical applications.

Both heat trace cable systems utilize self-regulating technology to provide heat where it is needed without worry of overheating. This is particularly important in temperature critical applications such as fire sprinkler systems or plastic pipes.


RAYCHEM XL-Trace is a complete heat trace system that provides pipe freeze protection of metal and plastic pipes, above ground or buried.

  • It is best suited for sophisticated applications that require longer circuit lengths, higher power output, and advanced control systems
  • It includes heat trace cable, connection kits, power distribution panels, and sophisticated electronic controllers 
  • It is covered with a 10-year warranty
  • Applications include cooling towers, parking garages, coolers, freezers and fire sprinkler heads 
  • It is the only heating cable system approved for use on fire suppression systems, including sprinkler pipes, including supply pipes, standpipes, and branch lines
  • It includes an on-line design tool—XL-ERATE, that can assist you in selecting the correct heating cable and control system to suit your application requirements
BrandMax Circuit Length (ft)Heating Cable Output (W/ft)Outer JacketConnection KitsPipe SizesLimited WarrantyRated   
RAYCHEM XL-TraceUp to    530 ft5, 8 or 12Braid and outer jacket (Polyolefin or Fluoropolymer)RayClic or FTC connections. Up to 20 inches.10 Years120 V, 208-277 V

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