Roof & Gutter De-Icing

Roof-and-Gutter-Residential.jpg Roof and gutters can be severely damaged by ice buildup. Ice dams and icicles form when the accumulated snow on a roof melts, and refreezes at the eaves and valleys during the evening. As the cycle continues and the ice dam continues to grow, it prevents the melted water from properly draining off of the roof. Eventually, icicles begin to form, potentially creating both structural damage and safety issues.

What Causes Ice Dams?
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Roof & Gutter de-icing system

The roof and gutter de-icing systems maintain a continuous path for roof snow melt to drain from the roof through the gutter and downspout. We have a suite of solutions to meet your roof & gutter de-icing needs and budget. These de-icing systems are ideal for installation on:

  • Roofs made from standard roofing materials including shake, shingle, rubber, tar, wood, tile, slate, membrane, metal and plastic
  • Gutters made from standard materials including metal, plastic and wood
  • Downspouts made from standard materials including metal and plastic

nVent RAYCHEM Roof Ice Melt (RIM/RIM2) System is our premier engineered, aesthetically elegant, concealed roof & gutter de-icing solution to prevent ice dams, icicles, and frozen gutter problems. The RIM system mechanically protects the self-regulating cable, provides high power output along the entire roof edge, and is ideal for new construction or renovation of residences for all snow load areas.

RAYCHEM WinterGard Wet, FrostGuard and Gardian Systems are the off-the-shelf, ready-to-install, self-regulating heating cable roof & gutter de-icing solutions that automatically adjust their power output to compensate for temperature variations. These reliable roof & gutter de-icing solutions are ideal for residential or small commercial buildings in light to moderate snow load areas.

Additional Components for roof and gutter deicing systems include:

  • Connection kits and accessories – items for making reliable electrical connections and properly completing the installation, such as power connections, end seals and attachment clips and ties
  • Control systems – devices such as thermostats, controllers and sensors, help trigger the system to energize when the ambient temperature is below freezing, ensure that the roof de-icing system is energy efficient, and help maintain the temperature of the roof above freezing.

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