Commercial Pipe Heat Tracing System Design

XL-ERATE is an easy-to-use, online design tool that lets you design a heat-tracing system for the following commercial pipe freeze protection and flow maintenance applications:

  • Freeze protection of general piping
  • Freeze protection of sprinkler system piping
  • Flow maintenance of greasy waste lines
  • Flow maintenance of fuel lines

XL-ERATE is a web-based tool that provides the same range of application options as shown in the XL-Trace System Application and Design Guide; however it is limited to applications using one pipe and one pipe size.
With XL-ERATE, you can design in a few steps:
  1. Select the application
  2. Enter system design parameters
  3. Allow XL-ERATE to instantly give you a suggested bill of materials (BOM) of the minimum required materials and design results—the right heating cable, connection kits and control and monitoring products for your application; or you can manually select other preferences.
  4. Submit a request for a quotation, and a sales representative will contact you with a quote.
  5. Save projects for future use.

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