The SLBTV family of nVent RAYCHEM self-regulating electric heat trace cables provides pipe freeze protection and low-temperature maintenance for longline heating applications. The RAYCHEM SLBTV heating cables maintain process temperatures up to 150°F (65°C) and can withstand intermittent exposure to temperatures up to 185°F (85°C). The SLBTV heating cables provide long circuit length capability. They can be used for continuous circuit lengths up to 2000 feet powered from a single source. SLBTV cables are especially well suited for tracing long pipelines containing temperature-sensitive fluids or where high reliability is required.

Additional Product Information:

  1. RAYCHEM SLBTV heat trace cables are configured for use in nonhazardous and hazardous (classified) locations
  2. RAYCHEM SLBTV heat trace cables are configured for use in areas where corrosives may be present
  3. RAYCHEM SLBTV heat trace cables meet the requirements of the U.S. National Electrical Code

Industries Served:
Chemical and Pharmaceutical
Food and Beverage
Oil and Gas

Technical Specifications

  1. The heating cable shall consist of two 10 AWG nickel-plated copper bus wires embedded in a self-regulating polymeric core that controls power output so that the cable can be used directly on plastic or metallic pipes. The cables shall have a temperature identification number (T-rating) of T6 (185°F or 85°C) without use of thermostats.
  2. The heating cable shall have a tinned copper braid with a resistance less than the heating cable bus wire resistance as determined in a type test (ASTM, B193, Sec. 5). The braid shall be protected from chemical attack and mechanical abuse by a fluoropolymer outer jacket.
  3. The heating cable shall be SLBTV-CT for lengths of 1125 to 2000 feet, with continuous exposure capability up to 150°F (65°C) and intermittent exposure capability up to 185°F (85°C), as manufactured by nVent Thermal Management.

For detailed product specifications, please refer to the product datasheet


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