Engineering and Design

nVent Thermal Management’ experienced engineers apply product and optimization strategies to design a Heat Management System that meets your specific requirements at the lowest possible cost. The Engineering and Design of your heat tracing system can begin long before specific circuit design. Initial system review in the Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) stage of a project by our staff can dramatically impact both project schedule and Total Installed Cost (TIC) of a Heat Management System. Learn More

Front End Engineering Design Services

Engaging nVent Thermal Management early in the planning process allows us to help you make decisions which can substantially reduce the overall installed cost of the Heat Management System. Using state-of-the-art design technology, our teams focus on providing the best technology for each and every heat tracing application, insuring the best-in-class value added solutions to your heat tracing needs. Learn More


nVent Thermal Management uses TRACERLYNX 3D Heat Management System software to interface with your 3D plant modeling data. TRACERLYNX software utilizes standard plant model component files to execute the Heat Management System design directly from your design data. Thus, our designs are fully integrated and aligned with the master 3D plant modeling data. Learn More

Connection and Protection