Heat Trace Audits

nVent Thermal Management customizes your heat trace audit based on the level of Heat Management System (HMS) detail your operation requires.

A basic visual inspection often identifies physical damage or areas for improvement in craftsmanship, whereas a comprehensive heat trace audit involves recording specific HMS performance data and compiling it in a detailed audit report.

nVent Thermal Management also can perform comprehensive damage assessments in the case of fires, explosions, or the re-commissioning of old facilities.

Heat Trace Audit diagnostics can include:
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Current (Amperage) reading
  • Resistance (Ohm) reading
  • Operational test of temperature controllers
  • Visual inspection of all accessible heat tracing components
  • Evaluation of any existing fault conditions
  • Visual inspection of insulation and protective jacketing
  • Visual inspection of all accessible heat tracing components
  • Confirmation of cable integrity (dielectric test)
  • Cable fault location test

At the completion of a heat trace audit, we provide a comprehensive report that:

  • Details observations, test results, and suggestive maintenance procedures for correction
  • Identifies potential risk factors
  • Recommends steps to improve the performance of your Heat Management System
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