Control and Monitoring

A well designed control and monitoring strategy is critical to ensure a smooth-running heat tracing system while minimizing energy consumption.

  • The reduction in the number of on-site maintenance personnel coupled with the demand for safe and reliable operation has increased the need for centralized access to critical information regarding the integrity of heat tracing systems.

nVent Thermal Management’ nVent RAYCHEM Control & Monitoring systems have distributed architecture which reduces wiring costs significantly. Upsets in the heat tracing system are reported to the user with clear messages and alarms, centrally and remotely via our remote monitoring software - RAYCHEM Supervisor.

We provide state-of-the-art controllers that can be monitored locally or on your office PC with remote monitoring software. No matter what your heat tracing application is, we have your control and monitoring solutions.

Local - Dedicated to an individual circuit, located in close proximity to the heat trace power connection, these devices monitor and or control based upon the ambient temperature at that location.

Distributed - Multi-circuit panels are strategically located in a plant to gather a number of EHT circuits. The location of these panels reduces the TIC by reducing the branch circuit cable lengths thus reducing the voltage drop and material requirements.

Centralized - Packaged to offer a single location from which to monitor and or control a group of heat tracing circuits, these systems use a single control device to activate a system of multiple circuits.

Connection and Protection